Best Free Data Science/Data Management Courses

Over the past few months, I have been gathering the best Online Data Science/Computer Science/Data Management courses. I also include courses that requires student email address, and those the do not.

Data is truly a growing industry. I believe it is now mentioned in almost every job roles in any industry from junior to executive management level. It is not limited to only the ability to extract and manipulate data, but also the ability to visualise, story-telling and interpret the data itself, as well as managing and governing the data to ensure it is of high quality.

1. Python

Python has to be the first in the list.

Python is perhaps the most popular programming language in the world today. It has extensive library that is very useful for data analytics, machine learning and other scientific disciplines.

The link directs you to the first of two-units training for the PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer and PCAP: Certified Associate in Python Programming certification exams. The exams itself is fairly affordable at USD59 (Entry) and USD295 (Associate) each which can be taken from

The intermediate course can be taken from this link.


2. Datacamp

Datacamp is one of my favorite, because the training has integrated IDE tool, which enables executing code within our web browsers without installing additional softwares.

Datacamp offers two free courses that introduces Python and R. However the yearly subscription is a good value and comes with dozens of trainings, projects, workspace and well-recognised certification exams with case study.

3. SAS

While uses of SAS in Enterprises is waning compared to Python or R. It is still being used in large Enterprises and Government. According to, there are 3300+ jobs require this skill today.

SAS offers two free trainings and their optional exams are only $USD150 each. The free trainings are Programming 1 and Statistics 1.

However if you have .edu email address, almost their entire library of self-paced trainings is free, and their exams become half-priced too. This is a savings of thousands of dollars! Follow this link to know more: link.


4. Alteryx

The next in the list that I would like to recommend is Alteryx. Alteryx is a no-code or low-code IDE tool, which means someone can learn data analytics without prior knowledge in coding. There is a certain growth in Enterprises that adopt this tool for their Big Data projects, and knowledge of this tool would certainly help your career.

The Alteryx academy has robust training with interactive lessons that allow ones to explore its IDE without installing the software itself. However I do recommend to install their Designer software on free 14 days trial. There is also free 3 months Career Changer license, as well as 12 months free license for those with student email address.

They offers three absolutely free certification exams, the Foundation, Core, and Advanced Designer. The Foundation and Core levels test basic knowledge of Alteryx’s tools and data analyst abilities. The Advanced exam however is a step up that tested a much more specific tools and tougher practical questions. If you are keen to go further, they have Expert and Predictive Master exams at USD150 each.


5. Dataiku

Dataiku is another no-code/low-code software, similar to Alteryx. Personally, I don’t have much knowledge or experience with this. However I am interested to explore this in near future.

6. Power BI

Before exploring this point onwards, I would recommend to be familiar with the basics of Data Analytics offered above first.

Power BI is one of the popular visualisation tool in the market right now. The link above offers tons of free trainings.


7. Tableau

Tableau is another of popular visualisation tool that is more common in larger enterprises. Unfortunately they only offers a few free basic trainings.

8. Collibra

Collibra is one of the Data Governance tool in large enterprises. They have tons of free trainings, while some are very specific to its own software, the general knowledge of Data Management is applicable anywhere.

9. Informatica

Informatica is another Data Governance tool that competes directly with Collibra. They have tons of free trainings and the general knowledge of Data Management is worth learning.


10. VMEdu

11. VMEdu

While VMEdu is not Data Science/Computer Science/Data Management course, the free trainings and certifications offer knowledge in Scrum and Lean/Six Sigma (among a few), which are essential for developers in project environment.

What else?

The list above only covers some of the free trainings in the world of Data. There are others such as AWS, Azure, Snowflake, Redshift.

Other than the above, there are dozens of free courses in Udemy, Edx, Coursera that is truly worth learning. Coursera offers one free paid course each calendar year for .edu email address too! If you have one, then the Google or IBM Data Analytics course is very much worth taking.

Do you know more? Please share your knowledge by sending me an email!


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