Learning Data Analysis at Home

So you want to learn to be a Data Analyst?

These days it is very easy to learn just about anything, and… it’s free! Anyone can do it, as long as you can read, have a working computer, and that’s it!

If you are wondering where to start, or what tools to learn from, here is some mini-guide.

Let’s discuss of the available options:

  1. Python – Most popular programming language today. It’s open-source and popular choice in small medium Enterprises, but large Enterprises also has started using these more.
  2. R – The same as the above, except that it is more widely used for statistical analysis. If you are from actuarial background, you are more likely to prefer this platform, but if you are from Computer Science, you are more likely to prefer Python.
  3. SAS – The demand on this platform has been diminishing in the past decade due to the growth of Python and R, however Large Enterprises still preferred SAS due to their support.
  4. SQL – goes without question. You must be able to write this – it’s not even hard enough to be considered a code.
  5. Microsoft Access and VBA. If you really have to, then you may try learning this very outdated incapable tool. While Excel is very useful tool for presenting and reporting data, MS Access really belong in garbage bin.

To get started with the above, you need to install just Anaconda. it has Python, R, and also SQLite.

Let us know your experience in starting this in the comments below.

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