How to make extra income in coronavirus lockdown

One of the easiest and fastest way to make extra income is by selling items you already have.
While you can simply list your item in pl

Here are some of my tips to sell your items on eBay, Gumtree, Marketplace and others.

  1. Learn a little bit of HTML editing. It is unfortunate that many personal stores on eBay advertise their ads in free text, while making it pretty with HTML editor is just a few clicks away. Find yourself a nice HTML template that you like, and fill it up with eBay HTML editor. It’s not that hard, and this gives you extra value on your items, and make it easier to attract buyers with a professional look!
  2. Make the photos with a plain background. Get your white shirt, sheet or towel, put it on the floor, and start taking pictures. The plain background will make the item stands out more. If your item is white or in bright colour, get a darker background. It is not too hard!
  3. Offers free postage if possible. In Australia almost all items are charged the same rate to any part or Australia. And this means there is no point to based the postage on buyer’s location.
  4. Make use of the free Final Value Fee offers. eBay and PayPal charges almost 15% of the total selling value. It’s quite a considerable sum! Luckily they give free fees offer from time to time. Usually new accounts get 3 free offers. Sometimes more. If you post your items on Gumtree as well, you can get 2 free listings per month. Finally if you have many many items, then consider subscribing to eBay stores package. It starts from $60ish per month, and gives you about 5% discount.

If you are selling by pickup method regardless on Gumtree, FB Marketplace or eBay, then you can take advantage of getting paid by cash. This saves an extra 3-4% on PayPal fees. However, be extra careful when doing this, meet in public place, and use extra common sense. For more information read here.

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