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I am a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, SAS Developer, Python Developer, Coffee & Tea Lover, Soccer Follower, Movie Goers and just a General Tech Geek. I have a Computer Science degree and when I started my career, I focused myself more towards web design and development. I used to be a full stack PHP and C#.NET developer before I move to Banking and become a data analyst.

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β€œIt is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” β€” Sherlock Holmes

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Mortgage/Loan Interest Validator – Is Your Bank Making a Mistake?

Is your bank charging the right interest? If you have a mortgage, you may have wondered if your bank charges your interest correctly. What if the bank didn’t factor in all your offset account balances? What if they charge incorrect rate? Or perhaps you are just curious. There can be a few reasons how a … Read more Mortgage/Loan Interest Validator – Is Your Bank Making a Mistake?

Interview Tips in the Remote Working Environment

COVID has changed how we do interview. Here is my tips to ace them. In today’s climate, you are probable going to be invited for interview via video conference. Video interview can be very different and challenging than face-to-face. You may be invited by Skype, Teams, Zoom or other video conferencing applications.

SAS Code to Solve Common Data Problems

In my line of work, often we are required to ‘prime’ the data before we can actually use it. This is some of the SAS code that I find it useful in my day-to-day work to prime the data.